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KMSNano v14 Offline Office and Windows KMS Activator torrent

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Added on 2013-01-21 , in , Size: 29.23 MB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 0
Hash: 1ab913ed52a14cb8f4a675a28fdb7d9da7174ae0

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KMSNano - The Ultimate Activator by heldigard of MDL forums
Based on the work of Ratiborus's KMSmicro v3.10
heldigard gives many thanks in his text file.
Read it and you can find out who else are activation champions.

Release File:
Size: 29.1MB
CRC32: 1012CD2D
MD5: 0F8FB88315BB493B2AFF4F0CD3370F75
SHA-1: FDECC748514846439C2FFF6C1E129B4A3258F3FE

This is v14. There are other earlier versions that may or may not work currently.
You should always check for the latest version before using.
I have personally tested this as working with my Windows 8 Pro Jan2013 release.

KMSnano - is the ideal tool to activate the final version of Windows 7/8 and
Office 2010/2013. Activator does not require user intervention, the entire
activation process takes place in the background, just run the activator
and a couple of minutes to check the activation status of Windows and / or Office.

Activates: Windows Vista/7/8 Business/Pro/Ent/N/VL and
Windows Server Std/Data 2008/2008R2/2012, as well as Office 2010/2013.
Retail-Only Versions of windows that will NOT activate are:
Vista Starter/Homebasic/Homepremium/Ultimate
7 Starter/Homebasic/Homepremium/Ultimate
8 core/ProWMC

N and E versions use same methods, and will NOT activate.
I am unaware of activation methods, besides purchase, for those versions.

Activating Office when using an unsupported OS can be tricky and many users
report problems when trying to activate Office 2013 when using a retail OS.
I recommend using a volume OS if you really want the Office activation.

Requirements: . NET 4.0 or Windows 8


1. Prescan file and then shut down Security Programs and any other running programs.
(Torrent program caused problem for me)
2. Extract the zip file. (Optional - I ran from within zip)
3. Run KMSnano.exe
4. Wait about 120secs while the files run in the background.
(It doesn't let you know when it's done, you can check task manager or just wait)
5. Run the Check_Activation.cmd to verify your activation status.
6. Run admin command prompt command "SLMGR -CKMS" to re-enable office updates.
7. Go about your business. You can get the Win8 watermark to go away by
auto-hiding the taskbar or similar system stuff. (WindowsKey+D works also)

To fix any botched activations from other "hacktivators" or activation problems
in general, you can run admin command prompt command "SFC /SCANNOW"

To see if your currect activation is working, run the included script:
Check_Activation.cmd inside the zip file. That will list Windows and Office
activations. Read the included text file for more info.

Note that Pre-Release versions of Office or Windows will NEVER activate.
Get an actual release if you want to activate. (RTM or Retail)

Why use this program over any other activation method?
It does not modify any of your system files.
Because it's not a crack or a hack.
Because it's the only way to get legit activation without using legit servers.
Did I mention it activates ALL KMS activation software?

Change Log from v13:
- Faster for Windows 8 and Office 2013 in Windows 8 with KMSELDI v7
In case problems with W8 and Office 2013 use KMSnano v13
- New KMS Client
- Faster AutoCharging in Qemu.
- Add TriggerKMS v5.1
(Extract to a directory. Run the "Run Trigger.cmd" to set the
trigger to check activation every time you boot and activate if less than 30
days left on the 180day KMS activation. *CHEER*)*

*Note that you will probably need to turn off smart screen filter for
applications and potentially allow the TriggerKMS.exe and KMSNano.exe
through any sort of firewall setups and security programs.

(Big Salute to heldigard and all the peeps who contributed to this project)
Enjoy Pirates,


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Internal Files

29.19 MB
3.88 KB KMS Nano v14 - heldigard.txt