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[FSX/P3D] Aerosoft/Flying-W - Super Traffic Board v3.2.0.40 torrent

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Added on 2012-12-02 , in Games , Size: 45.46 MB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 0
Hash: d11062dbc179b19c2181fd70ba3d30aaf8304b99

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Aerosoft/Flying-W Simulation - Super Traffic Board v3.2.0.40

I did not test the new Update, but I believe it should work well as v3.1 worked great when I tried it.
please test it and let us know if it is working.

Nearly a year in the making, STB Version 3 (STB3) represents a new milestone in AI traffic utilities. Building on the foundations of Version 2, STB3 add 16 new and updated features of interest to both pilots and observers alike including the frequently requested user aircraft display.

What is Super Traffic Board?

Interactive airport style flight information board, AI management system and more.
Supports all popular AI packages including:
ORBX Full Terrain Experience (FTX) AI
Ultimate Traffic 2
World of AI
Designed solely for Flight Simulator X
Now available as Version 3, new and updated features are denoted by ΓÇ£stb3ΓÇ¥ below. For additional


1. udp://


3. udp://

4. udp://

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6. udp://

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